Saturday, August 9, 2014


Melissa Haire sure surprised me today with this award. What she had to say blew me away. Here is what she had to say about the 5 ladies that she gave this award to. "These people are inspiring to me in many ways, they are encouraging, smart and talented women and I am quite fond of each of them" 
She will never know how much that this award and words mean to me. I have never felt that I was very talented or smart,  let alone inspiring to anyone.
Thank you so much Melissa I will never forget this and I hope that I can live up to it. ♥

I am suppose to give this award to 5 people and that is not going to take me to long to figure out.
First will be Anna of AWDesigns. She was one of my first instructors in learning PSP and has always been there for me.
Second is Allison of Hungry Hill. Allison was one of the first very talented ladies after Anna that encouraged me to keep doing what I was.
Third is Dee of Dees' Sign Depot. Dee has helped me in many ways and always encouraging when I didn't think I was good enough.
Fourth is Lynne of Babycakes Scraps. She was one of the first ladies that gave me a chance at being on a Creative Team. And she also has encouraged me along the way.
And last but not least is Cat AKA LadyHawk Designs. Cat is always commenting on my post in CDO and telling me that my creations are beautiful. That is something that all creators like to see and it encourages me to do more.

I want to take a moment to thank all of the ladies that thought enough of my work to allow me on their Creative Teams. Jackie of Jackie's Jewels, Crystal of Crystals Creations, Lynn of Babycakes Scraps and Melissa Haire of Mellie Beans. If not for you ladies I would't be able to do what I do today, because it was you that made me believe that I can do this. And it is something that I enjoy doing more than you will know. Thank you!


  1. Awe Terisa ty so much I am honored to be mentioned with these other fabulous ladies whom I love and respect.. I appreciate our friendship and look forward to many more years!! Hugz Dee

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