Sunday, April 6, 2014

PTU Loves Sweet Song

©Fairy Designs Tutorials-2014

This tutorial is my own creation and written by me April 6, 2014. Any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.  
This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.  Please do not 
copy or claim as your own.  Anything you produce from this tutorial is yours to do what 
you wish for personal use only.  No profit is to be made from your results.

Materials Needed:
PSP X3 or any version should work.
Tube of choice.
I am using the beautiful art of Verymany.
You can purchase it at VeryMany Tubes
You must have a license to use this art.
Scrap Kit Wish You Were Here by Jackie's Jewels
The kit can be purchased at Pimpin' PSPers Warehouse 
Mask of choice. I am using gemsmask207 from  gemsmask set #205-213
You can get it at Gems Taggin Scraps
Brush of choice. 
I am using Music Notes Brush by Mandaemonium
EyeCandy4000 - Gradient Glow for text.

Lets get started.
Open a new 700x700 transparent image.
Flood fill with white ( we will delete this later).
Add a new raster layer.
Selections - select all.
Open paper 9 - copy - paste into selection.
Selections - select none.
Apply your mask - merge group - resize 90%.
Open frame 3 - resize 60% - copy - paste as new layer.
Click inside the frame - invert.
Open your tube - resize as needed - copy - paste as new layer.
Position in the frame - duplicate - make sure you are on the bottom tube.
Hit delete on the keyboard.
Selections - select none.
Add a drop shadow of choice to the tube.
Move below the frame layer.
With the second tube erase what stick out on the bottom so it looks as if it is in the frame.
See my tag for placement of the following.
Open ivy1 - copy - paste as new layer.
Image - free rotate - 100 - left.
Open flower1 - resize 55% - copy - paste as new layer.
Duplicate - resize 80%.
Open ribbon2 resize 45% - copy - paste as new layer.
Image - free rotate - 105 - left.
Position to the top of flowers.
Duplicate - image free rotate -105 - right - image - mirror.
Position to the bottom of flowers.
Move both layers below larger flowers.
Open plant1 - copy - paste as new layer. 
Position bits here and there and rotating as needed.
Open flowers1 - resize 65% - copy - paste as new layer.
With the freehand selection tool set freehand select the small flower down the steam - cut - select - none. 
Position to the top.
Duplicate position to the bottom - it will be placed in front of the candles later.
Copy - paste as new layer the smaller one that you cut off.
Again add what and where you want rotating where needed.
Move all of these layers below the larger flowers.
Open candle - resize 65% - copy - paste as new layer.
Duplicate - resize 75%.
Duplicate - resize 75%
Open violin - resize 65% - image - mirror - copy - paste as new layer.
Open letter paper - duplicate - close original.
Add a title to your letter - add your brush - merge visible - resize 35%.
 Copy - paste as new layer.
Open ink & quill - resize 50% - copy paste as new layer.
Crop and resize to your liking.
Adjust - sharpen.
Delete white layer.
Add a drop shadow to all elements and to only the bottom copy of the female tube.
Add © copyright information, license number and any text or name you want. Save as transparent png. 
Thank you for trying my tut and I hope that you enjoyed it. Don't forget to send me your results so that I may display them in the Show off Gallery.

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