Thursday, December 12, 2013

FTU Let It Snow

©Fairy Designs Tutorials-2013

This tutorial is my own creation and written by me December 12, 2013. Any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.  
This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.  Please do not 
copy or claim as your own.  Anything you produce from this tutorial is yours to do what 
you wish for personal use only.  No profit is to be made from your results.

Materials Needed:
PSP X3 or any version should work.
Tube of choice. I am using the awesome art of PinUpToons.
You can purchase it at Creative Design Outlet.
You must have a license to use this art.
Scrap kit of choice. I am using Let It Snow by Designs By Vaybs
A snow animation of choice. I am using animation 167 by Scrappy Bit Of Fun
A texture of choice. I am using texture 1 from Ainhel
Font of choice. I used Arabella and you can get it HERE
Jasc Animation Shop 3

Lets begin.
Open a new 600x225 transparent image.
Choose a light color from your tube for your foreground and a dark one for you background.
Make your foreground a foerground gradient - angle - 0 - Repeats - 0 - Style - Linear.
Fill your image with the gradient. Rename it background.
Open texture 1 - copy - paste as a new layer - resize 75% - all layers unchecked.
Blend mode - soft light - opacity - 65. Rename it texture.
Open element 5 - resize 75% - copy - paste as new layer.
Move it to the far left side. Duplicate - image - mirror.
Back to the original - duplicate - resize 75% - move down and to the left a bit.
Duplicate - image - mirror - makes sure it is on the top of the larger tree.
Back to the second tree on the left - duplicate - resize 75% - move down and to the right.
Duplicate - image - mirror - again making sure it is on top of the second one.
Hide your background and texture layer and merge visible the trees.
Rename this layer trees.
Blend mode soft light.
Add a new raster layer.
Selection tools - rectangle - custom selection.
Top - 50 - Left -0 - Right - 600 - Bottom - 100.
Fill layer with your gradient.
Effects - texture - blinds width - 12 - opacity - 100 - color - use your background color - Horizontal and Light from left/top checked.
Blend mode - soft light - rename - rectangle 1.
Duplicate - flip - rename rectangle 2.
With your text tool - foreground - null.

Type what ever text you would like. I use Let it snow. After snow I added 3 spaces then typed Let it snow again and then repete. You will have to adjust depending on what text you use. Apply.
Objects - align - horz. Center in canvas.
I then duplicated so that it would be a bit darker but this is up to you.
Open your tube and resize if needed - copy - paste as new layer.
Add a drop shadow of choice.
Make your background a bit darker. Just click on the L and move the color toward the dark side.

Add a new raster layer and fill with your background color - select all - modify - contract 3.
Hit delete on your keyboard.
Add © copyright information, license number.

To animate.
Open Animation Shop.
Open SimoneAni167-mng
Hide all layers except for background - texture - rectangle 1 - rectangle 2.
Copy merged these layers.
Go to Animation Shop and Paste as new animation.
Duplicate till you have 30 frames.
Edit - select all.
Back to your snow - edit - select all - copy.
Now back to you animation make sure you are on frame one edit - paste into selected frame.
Now back to PSP. Unhide your layers and then hide the background - texture - rectangle 1- rectangle 2.
Make sure you are on one of your unhidden layers and copy merged.
Back in animation shop paste as new animation.
Now for a easier way to paste this into your animation frames.
Edit - Propagate Paste.
Paste as new animation CTRL- A.
On your animation CTRL-E place your frame in the animation. When you get it to where you need it left click your mouse.
Now I save as so that I have a blank.
Then back in PSP - type out the name that you want on your tag add a drop shadow of choice - copy.
Back in animation shop - paste as new animation - CTRL-A.
On you animation CTRL-E - place your name where you would like it.
Save As.
Thank you for trying my tut and I hope that you enjoyed it. Don't forget to send me your results so that I may display them in my show off gallery.

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