Thursday, March 7, 2013

PTU ~ Another Work Day

© Fairy Designs Tutorials- 2013

This tutorial is my own creation and any resemblance to others is purely coincidental.  
This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP.  Please do not 
copy or claim as your own.  Anything you produce from this tutorial is yours to do what 
you wish for personal use only.  No profit is to be made from your results.

Materials Needed:
PSP X3 or any version should work.
EyeCandy 4000-Gradient Glow for text
A tube  of your choice. I uses the awesome art work of Pin Up Toons which you can purchase at 
Creative Design Outlet You must have a license to use this art. 
Scrap Kit I used the artist bundle ScrapLHD_PinUpToons-Package-164 which can be purchased at
Mask of choice. I used Mask 540 from Insatiable Dreams HERE
Font of Choice I used 1 BeanSprout DNA Regular HERE

Lets begin.

Open a new transparent image 650x650
Open Frame 5 Copy/Paste As New Layer
Manual Color Correction Source-DCD6CA Target-61A6F3
Image/Resize 80% With your Pick Tool push in the sides a bit to get a narrow frame (see my tag)
Using your Magic Wand  Mode-Add (shift) Match Mode-None Contigous checked Feather-0 Anti-Alias- Outside click inside the frame.
Selections/Modify/Expand 2 Selections/Invert
Open Paper7 Copy/Paste As New Layer hit Delete on your keyboard. Selections/Select None Move below your frame layer.
Add your tube to the center of the frame. Resize if needed.
Add Drop Shadow V/H 4 Opacity-75 Blur-10 Color-Black
With your Magic Wand set as before select the inside of your frame again. Selections/Modify/Expand 1
Selection/Invert highlight your tube and erase the part below the selection. Select None.
Open Element 32 Copy/Paste As A New Layer Erase the first selection of leaves and stem. Move it to the bottom left. Duplicate Image/Free Rotate 105 Left move to the left side of your frame. Duplicate Image/Flip move down a bit.
Back to your first leaves erase the top bit of leaves that stick up over your tube.
Open Element 56 Copy/Paste As A New Layer Image/Resize 45% Image/Free Rotate 90 Right erase the leaves move down on top of the bottom leaves. (you can't see them now but depending on the placement and size of your name you will)
Paste again same resize and erase leaves Image/Free Rotate 15 Left. Move to the left (see my tag)
Open Element 22 Copy/Paste As A New Layer Image/Resize 45% move to under the bottom blue flower.
Duplicate Image/Free Rotate 100 Right move to the left under the blue flower.
Open Element 75 Image/Resize 50% move to the left (see my tag)
Open Element 30 Image/Resize 25 move to the left of bag. Duplicate Image/Flip move to the right behind the bag.
Paste flower again resize the same. Manual Color Correction Source-E7E7E4 Target-C0D6FC move to the front of the bag under the white flower. (see my tag)
Open Element 2 Image/Resize 25% move to the right of the light blue flower.
Open Element 37 Copy/Paste As A New Layer Image/Resize 50%
Manual Color Correction Source-F3F3EB Target-C0D6FC Move to the bottom under the dark blue flowers so it sticks out on each side (see my tag)
Open Element 74 Image/Resize 60% move to the top right corner.
Open Paper 13 Highlight your Raster 1 Selections/ Select All Copy paper and paste into selection. Selection/Select None
Apply your mask Merge Group Image/Resize 90%
Add drop Shadow of choice. I used V/H 4 Opacity 75 Blur 7.92
Once your happy Merge - Visible Crop Resize 500 pixels on the longest side. Sharpen
Add © copyright information, license number and any text or name you want. Save as transparent png. 
When adding the name I used the Paper13 in the background and foreground null Font size 72

Thank you for trying my tut and I hope that you enjoyed it. Don't forget to send me your results so that I may display them in the Show off Gallery.

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